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Afternoon Tea

Many of our visitors to London want to have afternoon tea, a very English custom. This custom dates back to the mid 1800’s and now is very popular.

After a day visiting the sites of London with alondontourguide why not indulge yourself.

It is an opportunity to sit down and relax, think over the day. English Afternoon Tea consist of sandwiches, often egg and cress, ham, smoked salmon, or bread and butter followed by a selection of cakes and pastries and the best of all scones, jam and cream.When eating scones, do you put the butter on first, then the jam and the cream or butter, cream then the jam. You decide and enjoy.

In some restaurants they offer a variety of teas served in a tea pot. Many of the Hotels in London offer Afternoon tea. Have a look at this website for more information

It is advisable to book your time and date in advance.

Fish and Chips

Over 200 million portions of fish and chips are sold each year. Many of our restaurants and pubs have Fish and chips on their menus.

Sometimes they come with Mushy peas, a marrowfat pea which are soaked overnight then simmered with a little sugar and salt to form a green lumpy soup.

In England it is traditional to add salt and vinegar to our fish and chips

Theatre in London

Why not take advantage of going to the Theatre when in London .We have over 40 different venues in the center of the city ranging from ballet, opera, comedy, drama and musicals.

It is always best to book your tickets in advance that way you get the show and the day you want .

Take a look at this website: